I'm back
 Finally back to LJ!  Life has been crazy, hopefully will have more time to cruise around and keep up with people.

Garden, finally
 Finally got everything into the garden, now I do need to water since the little tomatoes are starting to look a bit wilty.  OK, some of them more than a bit.

I have a good 2 dozen little curcurbita volunteers - I am guessing butternut squash by the seed hanging off one seed leaf.  Planted the new hills around them, anything that is hardy enough to sprout on its own belongs in my garden of neglect!

 I have just realized that a feminist SFF convention, and the community around it, is the one and only place in my life where I go around introducing myself as Writer Husband's wife!  

Writer Husband, when I commented on this to him, jokes that I am a just a tool for his ambitions, and inquires as to whether I'd like to be a screwdriver, pliers, or perhaps a nail-gun (with sound effects).  

My First LJ Post!
 So I got an LJ account because every one else at the Con had one.  It's not peer pressure (exactly) but that once a year I meet and have great conversations with people I don't see again for a year.  Hopefully the hiatus won't be quite as empty this way.  

I have never really had any ambition to a blogger, although I frequently find I have something to say if I'm reading somebody else's posts.  Yes, I talk a lot in RL too. I have no plans to have an organized blog, just a place to perhaps have some conversations.  


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